Helpful Tips When Moving from San Francisco to New York City

Moving from San Francisco to New York City
Source: Lexel Moving

If you have lived in San Francisco for a long time, moving to New York City can be a difficult decision to take. Both the cities are different in terms of weather, occupation, fashion sense, and attitude. However, if your work demands you to move, it is inevitable. So, if you are moving from San Francisco to New York City, here are a few things that can help you get a good start.

Looking For An Apartment In New York City

The first thing that will across your mind when moving to New York City is accommodation. You would want a decent place with reasonable rent and located close to your office. You must bear in mind that apartment searching in New York City is much more cut-throat than San Francisco. The biggest difference comes in the form of brokerage or broker’s fee.

In the New York City, you will find brokers who will show different properties to you and they will typically charge a percentage of the agreed amount as their fee. Thankfully, this is not the scenario in all neighborhoods and there are apartments where you can directly talk to a landlord and finalize the deal.

Apart from the brokers and landlords, you must also be careful about scams in the real estate industry. This is more common in New York City than in San Francisco. No matter how much they insist you on making an upfront payment, don’t pay a dime until you see the actual apartment.

What’s the Best Time To Move From San Francisco to New York City

The best time for moving from San Francisco to New York City is winter and late fall when the real estate industry goes through a low season. The period from April to September is considered as he busiest season for moving.

Where To Look For Temporary Storage

In the case when you need to start your job right away, but your house is not completely ready, you will need to find a temporary storage solution. In New York City, you will find numerous options that allow safe storage for your belongings until you find a suitable home to move in. There are numerous mobile storage containers that may be as large as 60,000 sq. ft. They are often used for warehousing and work perfectly.

Where To Look For A Moving Company

Moving is physically and psychologically straining so avoid trying to do everything yourself. Some things are best left to the experts, so make sure you hire a moving company to help you with this. Find as many local providers as you can and request information from them to compare the pros and cons. You can expect to start getting calls from them within an hour, and soon you will have a list of potential service providers.

Ask as many questions as you can such as how long they have been in business, what type of clients they have served, are there any hidden costs besides the quote that they have provided, etc. Ask them if they have the knowledge and understanding to handle delicate and antique pieces. 

New York City is the place to be as it offers a plethora of opportunities that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Now that you already made the big decision to move, we hope this article about moving from San Francisco to New York City has given you better insight on how to manage.